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Patience, Skill, and Hot Dogs

According to my son these are the three keys to successful fishing. Based on his success it’s hard to argue. Now granted, he tends to have different criteria for what constitutes a “catch” but he still does better than I … Read More

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Tag ‘Em!

I think that most of us would agree that it’s important to have a good understanding of our fisheries. Unfortunately Florida no longer has a volunteer tagging program though there are private endeavors such as the work done by the … Read More

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The Brothers Sage

Oh dear, what have I done? Ok, so after dumping my yak I started thinking harder about a sealed drag. None of my reels have them. I’d been eyeing the Sage reels at my fly shop for a while and … Read More

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Today was the day to break my streak of skunks. I normally fish alone but saw a posting on the forum for someone looking for a partner and I decided to chime in. I ended up meeting James at the … Read More

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Slayer On Wheels

I have wanted a trailer for a very long time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to borrow a trailer for whatever reason. Worst case I’d find myself having to rent one instead. As much as I … Read More

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Trout Tremble At My Name

Ok, maybe that’s not 100% accurate. Perhaps it’s due more to chuckling than fear. Either way, it’s a good title and I’m sticking with it. Over Memorial Day weekend I finally fulfilled a dream. I left the muddy, murky creeks … Read More

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Gads! I’m 0 for 2 on fishing in the Slayer. So far I’ve made it out twice and ended up skunked both days. I didn’t really expect too much yesterday since low tide was around 9:30 and there wasn’t any … Read More

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Sage Response

I’ve been remiss in saying my thanks here (at least I tweeted about it). This year started off very lucky for me. Another activity I enjoy is hiking/backpacking and a big part of that for me is my hammock setup. … Read More

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A New Ride

If you’ve been coming back here for updates I sincerely apologize. I got wrapped up with other things and stepped away from the fishing for a bit. I was shocked to realize how long I’d been away. Hopefully that’s all … Read More

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March Fly Tying

Last week we had our latest fly tying night at Gander Mountain. We had another good turnout and a great time. Capt. James Ferguson from Black Fly Outfitters shared his Crosseyed Eel cobia fly for those offshore days. This month … Read More

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