A Shrimp in the Vise

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I finally got around to tying again. It’s been a long week. Well, a long couple of weeks. This is a pattern I picked up at Fly Fishing in Saltwaters. It’s a different take on the rattle shrimp I’d already done on my own. I like the use of the EP sparkle brush. I’d actually picked the root beer brush up about a month ago and never used it. I guess now that I’ve cracked open the package I need to work on the fly I actually got it for. 🙂

I didn’t have any black craft fur so I used EP fibers instead. I guess I could call this the EP Rattle Shrimp. My mylar tubing was a little small but I managed to bury the rattle with the help of a bodkin. Anyway, hope you like it.

FFS Rattle Shrimp

Oh yeah, I hope the image looks ok. Just when I started getting my fly photography squared away it appears that my D70 may have bit the dust. I can’t get it to take any pictures now. It’s been on the fritz for a while. Now I may be in the market for a new body. 🙁

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