The Brothers Sage

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Oh dear, what have I done? Ok, so after dumping my yak I started thinking harder about a sealed drag. None of my reels have them. I’d been eyeing the Sage reels at my fly shop for a while and decided it was time to do the deed. I have to admit that $139 for a sealed drag isn’t too shabby…especially with the Sage name on it. I figured it wouldn’t be long before one followed me home.

I was checking out Bass Pro and Cabela’s for birthday ideas when I saw something I could scarcely believe. The very reel I was looking at was on sale $60 off at the latter! Let me take this moment to introduce you to the Brothers Sage. I mean, seriously, for just a smidge more than the price of a single reel I now have two! It’ll feel good to put a Sage reel on my Sage rod. 😉

Sage 1800 Series Reels

I now have the Sage 1850 for my Response 5-wt and the 1880 for my BVK 8-wt. I’m really tempted to try out the Sage Approach. I’ll have to see if they have it in stock. Sure wish I could get the ONE but I’m pretty certain that’ll never happen.

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