Flies Have Shipped!

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It seems like it took forever but my flies for the Colorado Boy Scouts and the flats fly swap have finally been delivered to the post office. I really hope that everyone involved enjoys the flies I’ve tied.

I was hoping to get some of the tying guys to help put together 100 flies for an upcoming Casting for Recovery event but there didn’t seem to be enough interest. I’m not sure I can find the time to knock out that many especially with the deadline just two weeks away.

I can’t believe I still haven’t been on the water this year. Not even once! There’s a remote chance it might happen this weekend. I’m not holding my breath, though. Since I’ve been away from the water so long I picked up a copy of Drift and watched it today. Pretty cool DVD if you’re looking for some fun fly fishing. It’s mostly trout with some bonefish and permit thrown in but the locations and conditions are interesting.

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