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Another Rod Bites The Dust

Would someone please queue the Queen track? It seems luck wasn’t on my side today. A small group of us hit Dutton Island in search of reds but didn’t end up doing too well. There were some dink trout and … Read More

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Oh Flood Reds Wherefore Art Thou?

After a lackluster attempt at my first flood tide at Cedar Point I decided it was time to do it again. It was a busy weekend for flood fishing. The fly shop had an outing and I was planning on … Read More

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Welcome to 2012

It hardly seems real that another year is upon us. I suppose if they Mayans were right we can save a lot of money this year since we won’t need to worry about Christmas gifts. I don’t think I’ll hold … Read More

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New Rod on the Horizon

I met up with Capt Rich Santos yesterday for a casting lesson and it opened my eyes. I learned that part of my problem (a rather large part actually) is that I’m fighting the rod. Or it’s fighting me. The … Read More

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