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New Rod on the Horizon

I met up with Capt Rich Santos yesterday for a casting lesson and it opened my eyes. I learned that part of my problem (a rather large part actually) is that I’m fighting the rod. Or it’s fighting me. The … Read More

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Borski Flies

I have to say that I really enjoyed watching the Borski Series 1 DVD on fly tying. Not only is it a great video on tying some cool flies but I also appreciated the footage of him actually catching fish … Read More

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It’s A Wrap!

Well, I guess it’s more of an unwrap. Christmas is over. The gifts have been exchanged and I didn’t do too badly. I still haven’t found where my new flats boat was hidden but I’m sure it’ll turn up soon. … Read More

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Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and yours all the best this Christmas season.

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Fly Tying Night A Success!

It’s official. The first Fly Tying Night was, imho, a resounding success!! We had a total of 9 in attendance. I don’t think this is too shabby considering it’s just days before Christmas. Many thanks to Capt. Rich Santos our … Read More

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Spoon Fly

I decided to play with some epoxy again tonight. My first stab with pure epoxy didn’t turn out so hot so I switched gears. Hook: Mustad S74SZ-34011 #2 Streamer bent to shape Tail: Red marabou & red krystal flash Body: … Read More

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Fly Tying Night

We’re just a day away from our Jacksonville Fly Tying Night. It spawned off of a discussion at jaxkayakfishing and spread over to the guys at Florida Sportsman as well. It’s shaping up to be a wonderful event with one … Read More

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Trout Running At Browns

Ok, I’m totally stoked. Today wasn’t looking so hot but it turned out to be my first successful kayak fishing trip! Props to the guys for taking me out and showing me where to look even if the spots didn’t … Read More

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