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Trout Tremble At My Name

Ok, maybe that’s not 100% accurate. Perhaps it’s due more to chuckling than fear. Either way, it’s a good title and I’m sticking with it. Over Memorial Day weekend I finally fulfilled a dream. I left the muddy, murky creeks … Read More

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Gads! I’m 0 for 2 on fishing in the Slayer. So far I’ve made it out twice and ended up skunked both days. I didn’t really expect too much yesterday since low tide was around 9:30 and there wasn’t any … Read More

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Sage Response

I’ve been remiss in saying my thanks here (at least I tweeted about it). This year started off very lucky for me. Another activity I enjoy is hiking/backpacking and a big part of that for me is my hammock setup. … Read More

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