It’s A Wrap!

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Well, I guess it’s more of an unwrap. Christmas is over. The gifts have been exchanged and I didn’t do too badly. I still haven’t found where my new flats boat was hidden but I’m sure it’ll turn up soon. In the meantime I have some new tools to keep me busy.

I was pleasantly surprised to get a number of the tools I asked for. More than I expected for sure. I picked up a copy of Charlie Craven’s Signature Flies for Fresh and Salt Water along with two fly tying instructional videos: Borski Ties Flies Vol 1 and Spinning Deer Hair. I also got two new pairs of scissors, some micro tweezers, and a large hair stacker!

Tying Videos

Tying Tools

In addition to these my son got me a Tie-Fast tool and I also got some UV fishing gloves. And how can I forget the brightest gift of all…my new disco ball!

Disco Ball

Soon the disco ball will be disassembled and converted into a DIY epoxy fly dryer. 😉

All in all I’m pleased with my haul.

Hope you had a great day!

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