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I think that most of us would agree that it’s important to have a good understanding of our fisheries. Unfortunately Florida no longer has a volunteer tagging program though there are private endeavors such as the work done by the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust which targets some species. However, Louisiana seems to have a pretty good tagging program and is interested in out-of-state fish as well.

Several of us locally have signed up for the program. I’m looking forward to getting involved with this program in the hopes that we’ll learn about how the sea trout and redfish in NE Florida move and grow. It’s easy to join the Cooperative Marine Fish Tagging Program so join us in the fun!

When your tagging packet arrives you’ll be ready to hit the water. The packet includes a stack of tags and cards to return when you’ve tagged some fish, an insertion tool, Rite In Rain notebook, pen, instructions, and a plastic pouch to carry it all. You’ll also get some stickers, a pamphlet to share, and a nice t-shirt.

Tagging Packet

Tagging Packet Contents

Tags and Cards

I don’t know if any tagging I do will have any impact but I like to think so.

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