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Wow. Has it really been 2 years since I last posted? I’m going to blame my guide friend. I tried keeping up with him in the kayak and beat the hell out of my elbow. It took about a year to get to where it wasn’t painful. Then life kicked in along with a new role at work. And here we are.

Well, I can’t be too mad at him. 🙂 We finally got out again to enjoy a little Labor Day fishing. I suggested we take his 16′ Mitzi skiff, though. 😉 I was anxious to hit the flood tide and we were looking at a decent 5.3′ predicted. We hit the flats with plenty of time to spare and the hunt was on.

We soon spotted a nice tailer. We’d been hearing the sweet slurping sound of reds feeding on the topwater but couldn’t pinpoint them. Seeing the tail got the adrenaline going for sure.

My first cast was a little short but I managed to put my crab right in front of him. I barely made one strip before the rod bent over. He put up a little fight but it didn’t take too long to get him in the boat. He turned out to be a real beauty.

Sweet Red

Unfortunately he was the only tail I’d get to put a fly on. My buddy tried for one but I don’t think he even saw the fly before he was gone. It was much slimmer pickings than we’d anticipated.

The best part is that I’d just bought a Lamson Konic 4 reel off my buddy and I guess it still has his mojo. 😀 It’s a nice match for my BVK. Unfortunately, that’s on its way back to TFO…again. This will be the second time this rod has gone back. They must use the weakest guides possible. At least they have a great warranty and repairs are only $30. Hey! They used to be $25. 🙁

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